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What is human nature?

THE HUMAN NATURE Introduction Every human being has his own want of being happy . As for a fact , many people aim for this particular aspect in life that they are willing to attain this even in exchange of certain things that they have as their possessions . True , feeling the emotional aspect of happiness have long been referred to by writers as something that is elusive enough to attain for those groping to find it . However , psychologists refer to happiness that is not simply defined as an emotional aspect that people particularly want to achieve in their lives . For a fact , this is something that involves more than just the emotional aspect of human development . It involves several elements that make it possible for a person to attain happiness . Certainly , people have the need to become happy because of the fact that they are focusing on their subjective-well-being . This particular aspect of human development concerns the satisfaction of people with the lives that they are living (Nisker , 1992 , 10 . This means that living with happiness is living not only with positive feelings but instead , it means living with considerably equal negative feelings that they ought to deal with everyday . To elaborate on the matter further , the following paragraphs shall discuss the different elements that involve the attainment of human happiness .The Human Search for Happiness First in line with the discussion is the fact that handles the human ‘s struggles for the attainment of real happiness . As an answer to the need of humans in attaining happiness through relieving the different stresses , experts on health and psychology tried to asses several procedures by which the said need could be attained (Wright , 1997 , 10 .Among the procedures of alternative relaxing medicine as mentioned herein are as follows (A ) Aromatherapy Basics Although there are no therapeutic claims yet that aromatherapy actually helps in the process of assisting people relieve themselves , this particular process of stress treatment has been one of the most interesting procedures that modern alternative medicine is taking in today . Most of the time , those who are capable of engaging in such therapies are those who are referred to as the “have ‘s , those who are able to pay for the services provided through the said therapy . This is the reason why only those who are able to pay are able to enjoy this therapy (B ) Naturopathy Basics The mixture of the different procedures introduced by the modern alternative medicine is called Naturopathy . According to the Naturopaths , this process is actually designed to make the relief much easier as stress actually is being released through the application of whatever stress relieving procedure that is more applicable for the situation of a particular individual being treated with . Naturopathy aims to enrich the personal being of the individual as his stress is being released through the procedures needed to solve the situation . The mixture of medical and spiritual as well as psychological assessment practices aimed to enrich the treatment in its application towards…

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