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Why Do People Commit Crime

WHY DO PEOPLE COMMIT CRIME In times past , researchers have tried to unravel the mystery of people committing crimes . Several schools of thought have been used to explain the reason why people indulge in crime . The classical theory sates that crime is at the prerogative of the individual . It also goes ahead to state that human beings are rational and make decisions freely , with a good understanding of its consequences . There is also the biological theory which believes that the major determinants of an individual ‘s behavior are genetic . It states that the behavior of individuals is genetically determined , with the interaction of nutrition , environment and hormones . In a similar fashion , the psychobiological theory tries to explain the criminal tendency of individuals by linking constitutional defects like chromosomal abnormalities , vitamin deficiencies with genetic makeup of an individual predispose such individuals to criminal tendencies . The sociological theory on the other hand sees the social environment as the case of criminal behavior , with defective family ties , serving as a catalyst to criminal tendencies . With the sociological theory , criminals do not see the good in conforming to the usual norm of obeying the law . They derive satisfaction from breaking the law .Crime is frequently noticed in teenagers and young people . This stage of life is characterized by a lot of exploration and peer influence . The risky behavior syndrome , whereby young people are under the Illusion that they are invincible and cannot be caught , even if they run into trouble sometimes leads them to…

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