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Children`s Sports : Positive and Negative Impacts

Children ‘s Sports :Positive and Negative Impacts INTRODUCTION In the early 20th century , physical activity was a regular part of life for the average child . Sports and games were generally spontaneous , not structured , and without adult intervention . It provided an additional outlet for physical activity . In November 2000 , a football game , played by kids from 11 to 12 years old , ended violently . This is not because of the kids but because of the coaches , parents , and other adults . This game was between the undefeated Cougars and the Seminoles . However , the final score was 27-2- in favor of the Seminoles . While the kids lined up to shake hands , at the end of the game , the parents and coaches became hostile . The Seminole parents and coaches started rejoicing , and the Cougar parents began to be offensive . The children watched small fights everywhere involving around 100 adults . The game was obviously ruined for the kids because of the poor sportsmanship they just witnessed .Parents nowadays are actively involving their children in sports and other recreational activities . Adults , parents more importantly , are fully aware of the positive effects sports have on their children , hence the reason why they enroll their kids in sports . As early as 3 or 4 years old , these toddlers are being enrolled in gym and sports clinics .However , adults are not fully aware of the negative impacts that sports may have when approached irresponsibly .This paper was done in order for adults to fully understand their important roles in children ‘s development through physical activities .This does not only include parents , but teachers and coaches involved in sports that children participate in . There are countless positive effects that sports have on children- physically , mentally , and emotionally . Physically , the child develops his /her motor skills , his immune system is developed , and physical fitness is attained . Mentally ,the child learns how to be creative he /she develops his /her own strategies , etc . Emotionally , the child learns lesson and important values that he /she carries along until adulthood . The child also gets a chance to interact with other children and belong in a group . However ,negative effects also seem to exist such as excessive pressure , low self-esteem , excessive adult involvement , and the “win only ‘attitudes .This paper will view both the positive and negative effects of sports on children . There are also two types of sports : “free play ‘ and organized which will be explained on this paper also . Their respective good and bad effects will also be stated . Finally , recommended actions will also be stated so as to prevent the negative effect that sports bring to the children .ABSTRACT Parents involve their children into sports because of the several benefits their children get . Children are developed physically ,mentally , and emotionally through their involvement in sports and other physical activities . Values and lessons are learned by the kids as they continually involve themselves in competition- experiencing both winning and losing . However , negative effects of child sports also exist .Pressure and over-competitiveness arises from too…

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