talking about myself

Running Head : Autobiography Autobiography Name of Student Name of School Name of Professor Course Name I am (kindly state your name ) born in (kindly state your place of birth ) on (kindly state your date of birth . My parents brought me up :1 ) to be responsible for my deeds 2 ) … Read More»

Autobiography report

7 Autobiography The Career Life of CEO Bill Gates Introduction The name Bill Gates became popular during the year 1995 . This is the year when he became the co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation .Microsoft is the biggest computer services company around the world . It is also believed to be the company , which … Read More»

Autobiography of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has one of the most , if not actually the most ,recognizable profiles in the history of U xp Normal xp 2 528 2007-07-13T23 :34 :00Z 2007-07-13T23 :34 :00Z 1 1109 6323 52 14 7418 11 .5606 2 .85 pt 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Autobiography of Michael Jordan Michael Jordan has one … Read More»

Psychosocial Autobiography Assignment

Name (id number )Course Name : section number Due Date for paper Early Adolescence Age : 12-18 Description of State I was coming to the end of the early adolescent stage at 17 almost 18 years of age . All I cared about was deciding on a college to attend . My family was the … Read More»

The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man

Name of Student :Subject /Course :Professor :Date :The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man and its relation to the Current Society The relevance of the novel (i .e . The socio-political climate of the US has greatly changed since Johnson wrote this novel . Is it still relevant ? Which parts are outdated ? What can … Read More»

Spiritual Autobiography

Student ‘s Name Teacher ‘s Name Course name and number Date Spiritual Autobiography A spiritual autobiography is “a genre of introspection and meditation “with “confessional aspects (which ) make it a public mode of address (Reichardt 383 . The name of this genre , however , is somewhat misleading “Spiritual autobiography ” implies that the … Read More»

Book Review – The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

Gertrude Stein ‘s best-selling work , The Autobiography of Alice B .Toklas , describes her own life through the voice of her lifelong companion , Alice Toklas . Although Alice acts as the narrator , Stein remains as the real subject of The Autobiography . Having Alice being the narrator , Stein demonstrates her use … Read More»