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Legal Case Brief

CITATION : R . v . Buhay PARTIES : Mervyn Allen Buhay (Appellant ) v . Her Majesty The Queen (Respondent ) and Attorney General of Quebec (Intervener )FACTS : Mr . Mervyn Allen Buhay rented a locker at a Winnipeg bus depot .Security guards working for Greyhound searched a locker at the Winnipeg bus […]

Computer Associates International case analysis

Running Head : C .A . CASE Computer Associates Inc .Case Study November 18 , 2008 Introduction Computer Associates Inc , third largest independent software company have made major changes to their business model . New compensation policy for sales representatives was imposed new revenue recognition policy ,and using the “pro forma ‘ numbers to […]

Week #6 Case Study

Wheelworks Case Study Question 1 : Individuals have different needs that if satisfied , will lead to a motivation in the workplace . In this theory , Maslow also mentioned that needs come in order if to be satisfied and if one need is substantially satisfied , the next need becomes dominant . In the […]

Theories of Leadership

Theories of Leadership Customer Inserts His /Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor ‘s Name Writer Inserts Date Here (Day , Month , Year )A1 )Jim Anderson is adapting to a supporting approach of leadership as he is not putting too much restrictions on the participants they are free to decide if they […]


Name University Course Tutor Date Strategic Management Introduction Making losses and not meeting set objectives are two issues that all organisations must be wary of . Goals are set to be met and therefore failure in meeting goals is a depiction of problem that are either in the organisation or in its operational environment this […]

MBA Finance Case Study

GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE ) COMPANY A leading company in terms of wealth creation , profitability and soundness of operations , General Electric (GE ) has consistently reaped commendable figures in its financial reports through the years and has good reasons for believing that 2008 will turn out to be yet another great year . In […]

Case Summary & Analysis

Running head : R . V . BEAUDRY R . v . Beaudry Name Institution Professor Course Abstract In the law enforcement , police officers are granted with discretion they can exercise in deciding whether to file a case against an accused or not . The case discussed in this paper will clarify the extent […]

At Home in The Street

At Home in the Street Introduction Tobias Hecht , an American anthropologist , researched and wrote a book on street children of metropolitan recife and the neighboring areas . He wrote a detailed volume in the response on how these street children were being treated and put across the sensation of this difficult subject tried […]

Comment Case with other classmates3

Running Head : CALABRO VS . CALABRO Calabro vs . Calabro [Name of Author] [University /Institution] Calabro vs . Calabro In the case of Calabro vs . Calabro , the question remains whether legal issue is involved because of the absence of a contract between the two parties , Hope and her father Arthur . […]

MGT Module 5 Case

Running Head : Home Depot under Robert Nardelli Name :Course :University :Tutor :Date :Principles of management : Controlling Home Depot under Robert Nardelli Introduction Home Depot is an American home improvement and construction retailer with its headquarters at Vinings , Atlanta , Georgia . It employs close to over 355 ,000 people operating over 2000 […]

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