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Opinion Editorial -Poverty

POVERTY POLICY IN THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY People might think that poverty is the last thing to be occurred in the United States of America -the land of milk and honey as they say ,because America is known for having a Tiger Economy ever since . But it is a shame should the […]

analytic assignment

One of the most profound consequences of the encounters between different cultures is the cultural shock that may result after a representative of one culture witnesses an unusual element of an alien culture . In this regard , we can easily imagine such a cultural shock that people from the Western world could experience when […]

Application of ideas

Application of Ideas This paper attempts to compare the point of view of two authors by finding their similarities in their argument and logic . The first essay is by David Brooks entitled “Merits of Meritocracy and the other one is by Christine Romano which is an evaluation of Statsky ‘s article “Children need to […]

Reaction Essay on One Nation Slightly Divisable

One Nation Slightly Divisible : A Reaction Essay Brooks and the Two Americas There is a thing called Red America – the small towns and the people living in it – and the Blue America , where most folks from the cities and urban areas stay . The differences between the lifestyles of these two […]

Critical Thinking IV

Looking at David Brooks ‘ Harmony and the Dream Summary : Columnist David Brooks looks at modern China and puts forth the notion that a positive future for the United States lies in duplicating the collectivism of China . He draws several cultural , ideological , and economic comparisons between the United States and China […]

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