Comparative Governments of Europe – Germany

Comparative Government of Europe- Germany 1 ) German history is characterized by an autocratic as well as an undemocratic tradition . These autocratic and undemocratic events in German history shaped the German political culture .The territory which later called the Federal Republic of Germany has a number of different states ruled by kings , archbishops … Read More»

Bismarck and the Unification of Germany

‘[i:333bf5cb8b]How significant was Bismarck’s contribution to the unification of Germany?[/i:333bf5cb8b]’ In January 1871 King William first of Prussia became Kaiser William the first of the new German empire. The creation of the empire was one of the most important developments of the nineteenth century. However, the process by which Germany came to be unified has … Read More»

report on Germany and labour flexability

Labour flexibility : an overview of features and developments with the German model Many scholars cite the Digital Age shift as the main precursor involved in the increasing push towards more flexibility within economic models ,not only Germany , but on a global level . The reduction in jobs involving manufacturing and the service sector … Read More»

Womens Health in Nazi Germany

The Role and Status of Women in Nazi Germany The era of the Third Reich in Germany is one of the most researched subjects , particularly with reference to women . The population policies of the Third Reich were formulated by both , the Party officials and experts . Health officials and professionals involved in … Read More»

Handels operas.

Handel ‘s Opera George Friderick Handel (1685-1759 ) writes all of his opera for over 35 years . Almost within his lifetime though his operas were considered to be almost obsolete with regards to format yet were of the finest kind .Due to format Handel ‘s opera were the most neglected in all of his … Read More»

holocause musuem and exhibition

Holocaust Memorial Museum 1 A Visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum I could not express the solemnity that envelops the place . The atmosphere of the exhibits is obviously full of grief , but the stillness of the images somehow brought a certain kind of peace despite the bizarre scenarios they depicted . Hundreds and … Read More»

Franz Kafka

[Author 's Name] [Tutor 's Name] [Class] 08 December 2008 Franz Kafka Introduction Franz Kafka was one of the most famous Czech-born German writers of his time . His short story Metamorphosis has become a unique example of the way fantasy , allegory , and the lack of personal communication between the characters could be … Read More»