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The Harm Principle

The Harm Principle In the aspect of government interference and /or intervention in the personal rights of the individuals under its rule , the “harm principle ‘ plays an important part . This principle basically states that the government can only intervene or interfere with the actions and exercise of the free will of individuals […]

The Harm Principle by John Stuart Mill

[Author ‘s Name] [Tutor ‘s Name] [Class] 26 March 2009 The Harm Principle by John Stuart Mill Introduction John Stuart Mill ‘s Harm principle remains one of the most serious cornerstones in the history and philosophy of criminal law . Whenever the Harm principle is mentioned or applied , researchers and scholars display serious disagreement […]


Issue of smoking in public places in relation to the Harm Principle The essence of the Harm Principle by John Stuart Mill can be stated in an easily understood manner by dividing it into two parts : first , the law may permit an individual , actions that will affect other people as long as […]

Are Limits On Freedom Of Speach Ever Justified

[Professor ‘s name] [Course title] [Date] Are Limits On Freedom Of Speech Ever Justified ?Introduction Freedom of speech is defined as the independence to voice ones opinion without being subjected to censorship or any form of limitation that may cause the expression of speech to be restricted or hindered .The issue of whether or not […]

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