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The Importance of and Impacts of Professional Development in Education

Running Head : Professional Development in Education The Importance of and Impacts of Professional Development in Education [Writer ‘s Name] [Institute ‘s Name] The Importance of and Impacts of Professional Development in Education Abstract :Like any area of human endeavors , the professional development in case of education is considered as a key factor in honing the over all performance of the students thereby resulting in a marked success of educational institutes . In this regard , importance and the positive implications of efforts in terms of teacher development cannot be denied . This paper succinctly touches on the contemporary trends pertaining to the development in education sector with a special elucidation of professional development where areas like collegial interactions , teachers leadership , community interaction , teachers ‘individual learning and data driven decision come up to be the effective strategies in order to enlighten the education system with positive reforms . The paper also analyzes a few research based programs as the case studies for advocating the importance of teachers and their collegial interactions for the success of any institution .Development in Education :In the changing world , the aggrandizing competitiveness has overwhelmed every sphere of the contemporary life . It ‘s a datum of experience that to cope with the increasing demands of the current era , a modern man is in a continuous process of inoculating reforms in every field . In this regard , what surpasses all the fields is the sector of education since it forms the basis for strengthening all the other institutes of life .In other words , for the provision of better workers , the engineering sector is as much dependent on the education system as is any other field like Medicine or Business . Keeping in view such a crucial importance of education , various analysts and educationists are bringing new innovations in order to hone the current education system . These reforms involve issues like the quality of teachers , testing and evaluation , learning environment , course design , curriculum and need analysis of the students etc .Professional Development in Eductaion :“Student learning depends first , last , and always on the quality of the teachers (Usdan , McCloud Podmostko : 2001 ‘When talking about the reforms in the education system , the role of a teacher cannot be denied . Since teachers play a key role in the over all accomplishment of any educational institute , they have rather become the cynosure of educational reforms where they are considered as students who are in a constant process of mentoring and being mentored . The reason behind bringing the teachers to the centre of attention is the fact that any kind of improvement happening in any classroom involves the participation of a teacher (Schwarz : 1998 . Any development in teachers would not only improve students ‘ performance but would also motivate the teachers themselves . According to Fullan and Stiegebauer ,“Good change processes (are those ) that foster sustained professional development over one ‘s career and lead to student benefits (Schwarz :1998 ‘Reasons behind Professional Development :“Processes , practices , and policies that are built on ) view of learning are at the heart of a more…

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